This is a revised NOSS for Aromatherapy following new format stipulated by
Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) under the Health and Wellness
Services/Complimentary Therapy. There is a high demand for skilled personnel in
this field as the industry is developing rapidly. Based on the Health and Wellness
Services/Complimentary Therapy that aims to propel Malaysia to become a hub for
Traditional and Complimentary Medicine, the need for skilled personnel from the
service industry is in demand.

This service emphasizes on aromatherapy applications including aromatherapy
blends preparation, face treatment and body treatment and aromatherapy
consultation. Aromatherapy blends is vital in aromatherapy as essential oils are
used to impart most therapeutic properties needed by clients’ needs and help
balancing the mind, body and soul. Aromatherapy body and face treatment are
aromatherapy applications, which help promoting general health and skin beauty.
Aromatherapy consultation is normally performed, as a crucial part of
aromatherapy as it helps practitioners identify appropriate treatments to suit clients’

Aromatherapy is recognised globally as a huge growth area and there is a need for
properly trained personnel at level 3 as well as upper levels. This will provide a
structured career path and career guidance for individuals and organizations alike.
Having a suitably skilled workforce will improve Malaysia as a centre of excellence
in the region and help towards inward investment in the country.

Occupation Employment Opportunity
1. Personal (private) services
2. Health and Fitness Centres
3. Education/Training Centres
4. Supplier
5. Spa therapist
6. Tutor
7. Product Distributor/Manufacturer
8. Instructor
9. Practitioner within an integrative clinic

An Aroma Therapist (Level 3) is competent in performing:

1. 60 kinds of essential oils (online)
a. History and application of essential oils
b. What are essential oils?
c. Treatment of essential oils
d. Preservation method of essential oil
e. Documentation of essential oils

2. 10 base oils (online)
a. History and application
b. What is base oil?
c. Treatment of base oil
d. Storage method of base oil
e. Documentation of Base oil

3. Consultation (online)
a. Communication skills
b. Basic anatomy and physiology
c. How to recommend appropriate care
d. Customer data and records

4. Aroma facial treatment (online & offline)
a. Anatomy and Physiology of Head, Face, Shoulder and Neck
b. Basic pathology and nutrition
c. Treatment procedures
d. Blending of essential oils and base oils
e. Hydrosol application
f. Facial Massage and Gua Sha Technique
g. Customer data records

5. Aroma holistic massage therapy (offline)
a. Human Anatomy and Physiology
b. Basic pathology and nutrition
c. Treatment procedures
d. Blending of essential oils and base oils
e. Aroma massage techniques
f. Customer data and records

6. Promotion and Marketing (online)
a. Legal regulations related to entrepreneurship
b. Customer development methods and skills
c. Product promotion and advertising

The Course will be conduct in Online & Offline from:
1/11/2023 onward - Online Theory Class , Monday, Wednesday, Friday , 8pm ( 90 minutes) 
offline practical class for aromatheraphy treatment and aromatheraphy body treatment will be set and inform later.


Description Amount
芳香疗法专业班 (Exp: 12 Jun 2025) RM 10800.00
RM 7200.00
TOTAL RM 7200.00